Winterisation – Exterior (Chapter 7 of 8)

Tips & Advice

We’ve covered servicing, plumbing, electricals, the gas system, appliances AND the toilet in our guide to Winterisation. Now we’re onto the final 2 chapters, exterior and interior.




1. Ensure that all windows, skylights and access doors are closed and secured.

2. Ensure all fixed ventilation points (high and low) are clear from debris and obstructions.

3. Ensure the vehicle is not parked where falling debris (i.e. leaves, tree sap) could cause damage.

4. Avoid leaving the vehicle parked in soft ground, long grass or a potential area where standing water may form.

5. If not being left on road remove road wheels, using the correct jacking points and suitable axle stands.

6. Lubricate relevant points on the chassis.

7. Or if being left on road wheels rotate wheels (every two weeks) and ensure the correct tyre pressures are maintained.

8. A purpose-made cover may be used, but please ensure the cover is a good fit, breathable and securely fitted.

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