Winterisation – Appliances (Chapter 5 of 8)

Tips & Advice

We’ve covered servicing, plumbing, electrical and your caravan gas system. Chapter 5 is about managing your appliances before the winter. Ensure your next season starts lovely and fresh by following the next steps to keep your appliances in amazing shape.




1. Check the battery expiry date on the smoke alarm and replace or remove as required.

2. Clean the inside of the fridge.

3. Ensure the fridge is turned off.

4. Prop the fridge door open, and if possible, the internal freezer

5. Fit fridge vent winter covers (if available).

6. Ensure all hob/oven/microwave surfaces are clean.

7. If the caravan is going to be left connected to 230V supply while not in use, ensure the microwave is unplugged.

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