Winter Caravanning Tips

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For some of us, the caravan season is never over and winter caravanning is firmly on the agenda!  When there are still so many stunning destinations to visit no matter the weather, we totally understand why you’d want to take a little winter getaway.   With plenty of campsites still open for pitching across the UK, there’s no shortage of stunning locations to escape to.

However, as the roads become frostier, the winds become stronger and the days become colder, it’s more important than ever to stay safe during your adventures. So below we’ve written our top tips for winter caravanning so you can adventure with some peace of mind.

Caravanning in Winter – Our Top Tips

Winter Caravanning Tips: Image of a snowy caravan park.


When the weather changes, so does the terrain. This means it’s time to check the tyres on your car, caravan, towing vehicle and motorhome including tread and pressure. To be extra safe, it may be worth fitting winter tyres for extra grip!

Staying Warm

With a serious drop in air temperature, keeping your caravan warm is key and the best way to do that is with insulation. Winter caravanning requires a good level of organisation to keep things running smoothly, so by heating your caravan the moment it’s unhitched you can save time so that by the time you’ve finished pitching up, you’re able to warm up quickly.

Utilising a caravan awning will also add extra insulation and reduce losing lots of cool air every time you leave your caravan. Thermal blinds are also a great way to reduce heat loss and have the added benefit of looking rather nice to boot!

If you’re fortunate enough to own a Swift caravan, then take full advantage of the inbuilt Truma, Alde or Whale blown heating systems for a speedy way to warm up your caravan and keep yourselves toasty and warm. If you’ve got a 2019 or 2020 model and you’ve not used your heating system before, Swift have a handy guide to using the Command system that’s definitely worth checking out!


Where batteries and winter caravanning are concerned, it’s always best to be completely prepared for all eventualities! Before you embark on a wintry adventure, make sure your leisure battery is in full working order, just in case the electrical supply at the campsite you visit runs out or is cut off by poor weather. You’re still able to use the hot water and heating through your gas supply, but these systems rely on the battery’s voltage in order to work.

Winter Caravanning Tips: Image of a caravan in a snowy field.

Water Supply

When the weather outside is frightful, make sure that your water temperature remains delightful, by insulating your water supply! You can purchase a special insulated cover for your Aquaroll or in a pinch, use an old coat to cover it up and reduce the risk of your water freezing.

Gas Supply

A full gas tank is one of the most important bits of equipment you can have in your caravan during the colder months. Make sure that you have a fully topped up cannister before you head off and that you’ve got the right kind of gas for the weather. Butane gas freezes at lower temperatures, whereas Propane can perform well in the cold, so make sure you’ve got a gas that suits your environment.

Caravan Service

We regularly service our cars, but it’s just as important to service a caravan especially before a winter adventure. This helps maintain any manufacturer warranties as well as checking that all aspects of the caravan are safe including brake pads, cables, and other wearable parts. No one likes to have an unsafe vehicle in the snow!

Now you’ve got some pro tips on winter caravanning, you can go forth in your caravan and enjoy a cosy, safe and fun winter break!

Remember, we stock a huge range of caravan accessories in our shop, as well as offering caravan servicing in our workshop. If you need to book in for your annual caravan service, please call us on 01752 341133 to book your slot.

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