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Finding a great caravan can be tricky, so you may be wondering “Why choose a Swift caravan?”, particularly when there are so many brands on the market. As award-winning, approved Swift caravan dealers, with decades of experience in the caravan sales field, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about what makes a good caravan!

Our range of new caravans is exclusively made up of Swift caravans, as we firmly believe they’re the best quality caravans on the market.

We’re one of the largest Swift retailers in the South West and have a wide range of models on display in our indoor showroom so that you can effortlessly find your perfect Swift caravan and answer the question; “Why choose a Swift caravan?”!

INNOVATIVE & Stylish Design

With more than 5 decades of experience in designing and manufacturing caravans, Swift are Europe’s number 1 manufacturer of caravans. Packed with innovative, intelligent and stylish features, Swift caravans are market-leading in their design.

Based in Yorkshire, every caravan they produce is made in the UK by a highly trained team of designers and engineers. The company pride themselves on being at the forefront of product design, with a commitment to delivering exceptional style inside and out.

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Featured Technology


An innovative control system, Swift Command is a free, inbuilt feature in Swift caravans that enables you to control, monitor and manage a wide range of on-board systems within your caravan. Designed to make your touring experience even more carefree and enjoyable, you can access Swift Command through the inbuilt LCD control panel in your caravan or by downloading and using the app on your mobile or tablet device.

With a simple interface and easy to use controls, you can control, monitor and manage: lighting; power and energy usage; water; heating; location and remote features

For additional security and peace of mind, you can opt for an annual subscription to the pre-installed Thatcham Category 6 pro-active Swift Command Tracker, which provides direct police liaison, European coverage and operates 24/7, 365 days a year.


Connect Direct is an online system that personalises the Swift caravan owning experience. Linking you directly to an advanced customer care system, you have direct access to service history records, the ability to live-chat with an experienced team, technical assistance and much more!



Swift caravans are made using SMART, an intelligent construction system that’s used across their whole range of touring and coach-built caravans. This system means Swift produce timberless caravan body frames, resulting in a lighter weight and moisture-resistant product.

The body frames are made from ‘PURe’ (polyurethane), a tough and water-resistant material, that’s been extensively tested for durability.

The sidewalls, roof, outer skin and outer bodyshell are all made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic), which is more impact resistant than traditionally used aluminium, meaning it’s easier to repair, which in turn ensures your caravan will look great for longer. The GRP panelling also means the bodyshell can be aerodynamically shaped for better fuel consumption and safer towing.

Caravan floors are built using ‘Sandwich’ construction, with layers of ply upper, high rigidity Styrofoam core and a GRP outer skin to give enhanced durability from the elements. Selected caravan models also feature a completely timberless floor construction.

Plus, Swift caravans have Grade 3 classification for insulation and heating, conducting rigorous physical tests to ensure each caravan meets their exacting standards.


SwiftShield is a range of stain-resistant, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean fabrics, used on seating areas within Swift caravans. With a soft, suede-like feel and modern and stylish appearance, SwiftShield fabrics are a great choice for caravanners with young children or pets.

Heating Options


Alde heating is a form of hydronic heating system, found in selected Swift models. Programmable through a convenient LCD control panel, you can easily adjust the settings to suit your needs.  Alde heating systems also provide hot water for the kitchen and washroom, whilst circulating warmth throughout the caravan to keep you warm, no matter the weather!


Truma heating is supplied via a space-saving, dual fuel boiler, found in selected models of Swift caravans. Offering heat and hot water, the Truma system features a Summer mode (so you can heat water independently of the space heater) and a Winter mode (warming both water and the space heater), allowing you to maintain a pleasant indoor climate all year long.


Whale blown heating is a lightweight underfloor heating system that circulates warm air around the caravan to maintain a consistent temperature, even when you’re in sub-zero conditions. Available on selected Swift models (such as the Basecamp), this easy to use heating system is designed to save space inside your caravan whilst maximising practicality.

Optional Packs


The Diamond Pack is a special value optional extra, available on selected Swift caravan models to help you customise your caravan to your needs. The pack includes:

  • Integrated DAB radio
  • ‘Edge’ alloy wheels
  • AL-KO AKS 3004 stabiliser
  • Panoramic sunroof


The Lux Pack is an optional extra, available on selected Swift caravan models to provide additional lifestyle features and functions, such as:

  • Stylish illuminated kitchen splashback
  • External BBQ point
  • External 230v socket
  • External service door
  • Key fob operated alarm system


Available on the Basecamp model only, the Plus Pack is an optional extra that incorporates a whole host of additional features, such as:

  • Solar panel
  • TV aerial, bracket and travel lock
  • External 230v mains point
  • External BBQ point
  • External cold-water shower point

For more information about our products and services, please call 01752 341133 or email us.

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