Visiting Stonehenge in Your Caravan

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Are you visiting Stonehenge on your caravan adventures this summer? On Facebook we posted about interesting pilgrimage sites, Stonehenge being one of them, we decided to put together some interesting facts.

Did you know:

  • Stonehenge began around 5000 years ago. Pre-historic people were buried and cremated here.
  • There are 83 stones in total.
  • The biggest of Stonehenge’s stones, known as sarsens, are up to 30ft (9m) tall and weigh 25 tons on average.
  • Smaller stones, known as blue stones, (because they have a blueish tinge when they are wet or freshly broken) weigh up to 4 tons. Some are from several different sites in western Wales, having been transported as far as 140 miles. However, it is unknown how people moved them that far. Scientists raised the possibility that the ice age may have moved the stones
    closer to the Stonehenge area.
  • Researchers have found roughly 350 animal bones and 12,500 flint tools or fragments within a mile of the area. People have been led to believe the area was sacred and a place of sacrifice.
  • Those who built Stonehenge had to have been extremely sophisticated in mathematics and geometry. It was aligned with the midwinter sunset and the midsummer sunset. It was aligned with the most northerly setting and most southerly rising of the moon.
  • Stonehenge took around 30 million hours of labour to build. Some say it took approximately 1500 years!
  • Some believe aliens built Stonehenge. Others believe the stones are grave markers. Some believe it is a giant clock. Some believe it is an astronomical observatory! What do you believe?
  • Stonehenge was built at least 300 years before the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Why you should be visiting Stonehenge this summer…

If the above didn’t inspire you to know more, in the summer, this year 18th – 21st June 2017, there are also the Summer Solstice Festivals, which are a unique, relaxing, live music event in which people camp or set up site and celebrate the Solstice season. So visiting Stonehenge should definitely be on your list of places to visiting during the summer!

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