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What's the difference between Flange, Swan and Detachable?

Flange style

Traditionally used for all serious forms of towing and generally the most cost effective option. A 50mm towball or ball & pin is bolted to a two or four hole plate (vehicle dependant) that also allows the fitting of accessories such as a towbar mounted cycle carrier. Unfortunately the flange style towbar is almost certainly going to be detected by parking sensors if fitted.

Swan style

Mainly used as a cheaper alternative to the detachable but with a much neater appearance then the standard flange style. Although the swan neck is much narrower, this bar still could become an issue with parking sensors on some vehicles.

Detachable style

If you need to tow but don’t want to ruin the looks of your vehicle, then this is the style bar for you. Generally hidden from view when the necks removed and with nothing left behind the vehicle when not towing, your parking sensors will be fine.

What's the difference between 12S, 12S/12N and 13P connections?

Single 7 Pin (12N)

Single 7 Pin Electrics also known as 12(N), are fitted as standard with any towbar. It provide power from the towbar to the lights on a trailer or caravan. If you’re only going to be towing a trailer this is all you need.

You can tow a caravan using only single electrics, but the interior functions of the caravan, such as the fridge, wouldn’t have power to them. You would need an adaptor if your caravan has 13 pin electrics.

Even if you will only be using the towbar for a cycle carrier we recommend that you still have a single electric socket fitted so that you can power a light board over the bikes.

Twin 7 Pin (12N/12S)

Twin 7 Pin Electrics, also known as 12(S), are fitted in addidtion to single 7 pin electrics if you’re going to use your towbar for towing a caravan built prior to 2008.

The extra grey socket provides power to operate the interior functions of the caravan such as the interior lights, run the fridge and charge the battery while you are towing.

This type of socket has been replaced on caravans built after 2008 in the UK. New caravans now use the 13 pin standard socket shown below.

13 Pin (13P)

13 Pin Electrics have been standard in most other European countries for some time. It is replacing the 2 separate socket currently used in the UK. The 13 pin socket is essentially the two 7 pin sockets merged in to one.

All caravans manufactured in the UK from 2008 are fitted with an ISO 13 pin connector as standard. This system uses one socket with 13 pins inside, instead of the traditional two separate 7 pin sockets.

13 pin sockets are also used on some vehicles especially with detachable towbars when there isn’t enough room to mount two separate sockets behind the bumper.

How long will the fitting service take?

Fitting time varies between different vehicles, although we do ask for most vehicles to be left with us for either the morning or afternoon. We do offer courtesy cars if you’d rather not sit here and wait.

Where do I need to take my vehicle?

Marshall road, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 1YD – View On Map

Will parking sensors affect my options?

In some case yes – our best recommendation would be to have a detachable towbar fitted.

Will you need to cut a hole in my bumper?

Most of our preferred manufactures have designed their towbars to fit without leaving a visible cut to the bumper, unfortunately this is unavoidable on some models. If a visible cut is necessary on your vehicle we will let you know when your booking your car in.

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