Setting Up a Fresh Water System in Your Caravan

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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Fresh Water System 

We get a lot of calls from customers finding issues when setting up their fresh water system in their caravans, as it can be a tricky process for even the most experienced caravan owners! Setting up the water system can be a complex thing, and with some camping sites requiring you to have an individual water supply, it’s useful to know how to activate it easily.

In this blog, we’ll give you a step by step guide on how to set up your fresh water system and how to prime through the water in your Caravan. Scroll down to read more and check out the video our in-house expert Ian has created!

Ian’s Expert Video Guide to Caravan Fresh Water Systems

Installing the Hose

When you have your fresh water barrel full and ready to go, insert the inlet hose – filter end first – and connect the hose end by opening the trigger button then click it into the mains plug. When the hose is fully installed into the plug, it will click into place and will be held solidly and securely. Try to keep the hose off of the ground so you don’t contaminate your water with any dirt.

*Top Tip*  The water hoses that are usually supplied are flexible plastic pipes that can bend and twist. Many of the calls we get are customers finding that their pump is working but they’re only getting air through it. At times, the flexible hose can float back up to the top of the barrel, meaning that the end of it doesn’t remain in the water. With an attachable straight plastic pipe, there will be no risk of it floating back up and air being sucked through instead of water.

Starting Up the Pump

Once your hose is properly installed, your next step is to go to the water pump system inside your caravan. There, you will find a yellow tap which is the water dump pipe. Ensure the tap is closed down before priming the caravan with the fresh water. To turn on the water pump, go to your caravan’s control panel. When it’s turned on, you will start to hear the water flowing through the pump.

Running the Water Through

Turn on a tap in the caravan – don’t turn them on full blast, opt for a gentle trickle instead! – and make sure it’s on cold, not hot. You will find that it will cough and splatter due to air is still being cleared through the system, which will probably last for a couple of minutes. Once the air has cleared, you will have a nice smooth flow of water coming through the tap. Next, switch to the hot water on the tap and repeat the process. As the pump has been running, it has also been filling up the hot water tank. Once the hot water runs smoothly, that means that the hot water tank is full.

Emptying the Water

When your holiday has finished and you need to drain the water out of the van, open the yellow dump valve tap to get rid of the water before travelling to save on weight. It’s also good to open up all the taps in the caravan to let the air escape and aid with quicker emptying.

*Top Tip* When you come to store your van, don’t leave any water in the pipes or pump as that can create mould. Ensuring that the caravan is fully drained when storing it will help eliminate this problem.

Don’t Forget!

We sell all the water and waste products you need to set up, use and maintain your caravans waste system and water connections in our Plymouth shop and online store!

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