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If you’re thinking of purchasing a leisure vehicle, it’s essential to consider how you’re going to finance your purchase. To make this process easier, we can offer you motorhome finance to help make buying a campervan or motorhome as simple as possible!

At Tamar Caravan Centre, we are a Black Horse approved dealer. This means that whether you would like to finance all or just part of your new purchase, we can usually arrange this with Black Horse finance. Read on to learn more about motorhome finance!


Motorhome Finance: Image of a Pilote motorhome on the road at sunset.


A hire purchase contract from Black Horse means you can buy your perfect motorhome and spread the cost with easy monthly payments. You’ll need to make an initial deposit and then make the monthly payments over the agreed term. After you’ve made all the payments (including the interest), the motorhome is all yours!


Hire purchase is a great option for anyone looking to make a large purchase whilst spreading the costs. Flexible, easy and practical, motorhome finance means you can set your regular monthly payments to suit your budget. What’s more, you can even make lump-sum payments to clear your balance quicker if you wish. 


The PCP motorhome finance option from Black Horse is great if you are looking for complete flexibility. Just choose your deposit and contract period, and then Black Horse will calculate the final lump sum – giving you three choices as you approach the end of your contract period.

1. BUY IT – If you can’t bear to part with the motorhome, simply pay the remaining balance and it’s all yours!

2. CHANGE IT – If you’d like to upgrade to a motorhome with more berths or would like to try out a new model, you can simply part exchange for your desired model!

3. RETURN IT – If you don’t want to continue living the motorhome lifestyle – simply return the vehicle to us and you won’t have to pay off the lump sum.


For more information about our products and services, please call 01752 341133 or email us.

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