A Guide to Emptying a Cassette Toilet

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A Guide to Emptying a Cassette Toilet

Whilst they may look similar, the toilet in your caravan does not work the same as your standard toilet at home! Unlike static caravans which come with plumbing to dispose of waste, touring caravans have to be emptied manually. In this blog, we’ll give you a step by step guide on how to empty a cassette toilet, showing you how it works on a Thetford C250.

If you prefer to watch videos, then our in-house expert Ian has created a simple video showing you how to empty a cassette toilet. Otherwise, scroll down to read our step by step guide!

Removal of the Cassette

Firstly, unlock the exterior cassette door and press your thumbs into the pressure points on each side to release. To remove the cassette itself, the bottom lever needs to be pulled up to unlock the cassette before you can pull it towards yourself. The cassette has wheels on the bottom to allow you to move it over to the disposal area easily. There’s a handle at the opposite end of the wheels which you can pull up to wheel away – kind of like a suitcase!

Disposal of the Cassette

When you are ready and at the disposal station, swivel the nozzle around to face away from the body of the cassette and remove the cap. To allow the liquid to come out, you have to press the pressure release valve on the top of the cassette towards the back. Angle the cassette to let the liquid flow out towards the ground. Once all the fluid has been disposed of, open the main cap on the top of the cassette and twist the lever to open the gap. Use a hose to flush out any remnants of old liquid, and to give it a quick cleanout. Make sure the cassette is empty before reloading.

Reloading the Cassette

Using the cap from the nozzle, put your blue chemical in there to measure out how much you need, and pour into the main cap where you just used the hose. After that, put the caps back on the nozzle and the main opening and make sure everything is properly in place and locked. When you put the cassette back into the unit, it goes in wheels first and the lever at the front needs to be pressed down to lock in place. Make sure when closing the door that it’s fully clicked in and locked.

Don’t Forget!

We sell all the cleaning chemicals you need to keep your cassette toilet fresh and clean in our Plymouth shop and online store. What’s more, we also sell specially formulated toilet paper, that flushes away easily and dissolved in the wastewater holding tank.

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